Working Together Worldwide

We are proud to participate with some of the best industry associations around the world. Working together, the organizations help to educate and inform about products and scientific processes which help to ensure safe handling to protect people and our environment.

We Believe in Responsible Care®

As a member of the American Chemistry Council, we are proud to be a Responsible Care company. Responsible Care is a global initiative aimed at minimizing any negative impact from the manufacture, distribution and use of chemicals, while maximizing the beneficial use of our products in society. Our goal is to meet or exceed Responsible Care guidelines in every instance.

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Our Goal is Always Zero

Our corporate safety culture is supported by a program we call “The Goal is Zero.” That means not having any incidents in any aspect of our business, whether it involves transporting, manufacturing or usage, and delivery at our customer sites. This has made us one of the safest manufacturers in the business.

Our safety, health and environmental goals can be summed up in one word—Zero. Zero incidents. Zero accidents. Zero anything. We don’t accept, and won’t accept, that incidents, mishaps or accidents are a part of doing business.

We constantly emphasize the importance of monitoring the safety, security and environmental impact of our plants. Through our day-to-day vigilance, Olin strives to be recognized as one of the industry’s best performers.

The goal is zero olin responsible care

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