Aerosol Products

Olin Chlorinated Organics offers a range of products that allow Aerosol formulators to meet the solvency, stability and dispensing demands needed in today’s market place.

And we back you up with the local support and global resources that Only Olin can provide, virtually anywhere in the world.

We Help You Propel the Next Generation of Aerosol Technology

As the ONLY global supplier of chlorinated organics products, we are large enough, yet agile enough, to scale to your particular manufacturing and environmental needs. This means providing high solvency systems that account for:

  • Vapor pressure depression
  • Flammability reduction
  • Higher fills
  • Dispensing controls
Solubilization of:

  • Polymeric materials
  • Thermoplastic ingredients
  • Penetrants
  • Activators
  • Thickeners
  • Evaporation retardants

Release Our Formulation and Application Expertise

We are true experts in the formulation and application of chlorinated organics products. So we always provide you with the local know-how and world-class resources you need to achieve the desired:

Separation rate
Evaporation rate